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His going forth is prepared as the morning; and He shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth. (Hosea 6:3)

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January 2020
1)Make the leaders of the SDA BUC, SEC and NEC mighty men and women leaders who are led by the Holy Spirit, filled with wisdom, great faith, love and zeal That they are fit & equipped for these End Times to lead the church to cry out continously for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon members,families and communities; praying down the blessings of God, contending with rulers and authorities at all levels; preaching the Gospel and 3 Angels messages without apology!
2) For the Lord's direction and guidance to develop a centre of prayer and build a prayer movement within the church community so that we can fulfil the works that God has ordained us to live and live prayer-saturated lives.
3) For the Lord to pull down strongholds and deliver those Christians who are are persecuted all over the world. That he may send his angels that excel in strength to protect them and for the Holy Spirit to hover over them and supply all their needs.
4) Please pray for my local church- for a revival of true godliness at each level, for it to be a Philadelphia church of brotherly love, a Holy Spirit-filled House of Prayer and lighthouse leading to God for the local community K.
5) Father I pray that you would pour favour upon the Ministry of Sharon Platt Macdonald and her responsibilities at the BUC for Health, Community and Womens Ministries. Bless her husband Denzle and bless them physically, emotionally, socially, financially and spiritually that everything they do will bring glory to God, touch, transform and edify those the ministry reaches. Bless and favour the EIE and Women of Virtue Programme that it will bring about revival and reformation in the lives of women, men, husbands, wives and families within the Advent movement and those connected with it.
6)Father we need a revival of true godliness -revive the priestly ministry within our movement in homes, churches and communities, restore your image and divine order in your people: the sanctity of marriage obedience to you and parents. Pour out your Holy Spirit on your people so we can do great and mighty works in your name.
7) Lord give Pastor Emmanuel Osei President direction, wisdom to oversee the leadership of his new team in the SEC. Help us to pray without ceasing for God's blessings and anointing upon him, his family and leadership that the SEC Churches may be Revived, Inspired and Empowered to Preach the 3 Angels Messages to Be The Gospel, Save Souls and Save Lives.
8)Please pray for God to oversee the leadership of the government and plans of the UK under Boris Johnson following Brexit for divine wisdom faith and Holy Spirit to lead guide and direct. Protect the UK and its economy, public and private organsations and people. May the nation weather the storms of economic, social, political, technological and cultural change with its status on the world stage, intact.
9)Please pray for God's favour upon the the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) Adventist Radio Station London partnering with the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists to establish a radio station in London where we will be broadcasting 24 hours a day. This is a fantastic opportunity to preach our distinctive 3 angels messages to the millions living in London and beyond.
10)Favour for A and N in career and life choices. God will turn their hearts to him.
11)For God to minister to P and give her holistic healing peace and strength following the loss of her husband and copes with her own health issues.
12)For the Holy Spirit to intervene for Y for who has experienced trauma and is in need of holistic healing also to experience love and acceptance of the Father.
13)Please keep a family who are in a desperate situation affecting mental health and it appears to be a spiritual attack.
14) Pray for deliverance, breakthrough, protection, mental and emotional wellbeing of R, R, L, J,Y & Y who have mental health challenges. That they may repent of any known sins, receive God's forgiveness and be healed so that their quality of life will be improved and they can be all God created them to be.
15)O has asked for prayers for his marriage:
16)Holy Spirit to intervene to give healing strength comfort and peace for T and her family who has experienced domestic violence.
17)H has requested prayers for healing and reconciliation in her marriage and family
18)Please pray for healing and reconciliation in A's marriage for God to change her husband's heart
19)Dear Father, guide L along the right path and seal her decision to follow you all the way that she will be mighty for you and lead others into the kingdom with her testimony
20)D's mother has asked for prayers for healing for her daughter in law. May her and husband also know and accept Christ
21)Pray that G will receive holistic healing.
22) For spiritual breakthrough, holistic healing for K and her family: C, S, T & S. There are multiple issues: forgiveness financial relational illness emotional. For the Holy Spirit to work on hearts and minds and turn things around.
23)For C a single parent under tremendous stress with adult children in dire straits: work challenges and racism, severe financial problems, health and family members are unsupportive. She does not know what to do and where to turn. For God to strengthen her faith and come through for her.
24) Pray for L and her family there are mental health, spiritual and trauma issues. For holistic healing and peace in the family.
25)Dear intercessors, please pray earnestly for P who has been under spiritual attack for a long period of time and is utterly exhausted. Pray for revelation and breakthrough so the strongholds of the enemy can be demolished.
26)E a single parent with a chronic condition that also causes severe pain and depression. She has 5 children and 3 with autism. Her housing is a challenge and family are not local. For healing and a breakthrough. Thanks and Blessings
27)G who is in financial dire straits and unsupported. For God's favour with his new job and that he begins his walk towards Christ.
28) The conclusion of Brexit and Gods will for the United Kingdom. That he prepares people for the outcome and the uncertainty that is likely to bring. That he will grant the nation his Shalom.
29)A who has 4 children and is due to attend Crown Court due to a DV incident with her ex. That she will not lose custody of her children.
30)For S a single parent with 3 children get the right support networks and gain emotional/mental stability.
31)That G colleague who is expressing an interest in following Christ and studying the Bible. That God will open her heart to the truth and use me to share the Gospel with her.
32)For God to minister grace and peace to D/family and support network who had a stillborn baby.
33)For God to cover A, K and other young people from Christian families starting or returning to university. That He will cover and protect them mentally, physically and spiritually from temptation and the schemes of the enemy, remove the wrong friends and influences and surround them with the right wholesome Christian friends and influences that when they leave they will be on fire for God. That the Christian Campus ministries will be active and engage them in working for the Lord.
New Requests

1)Dear intercessors- let us PRAY and where possible FAST in advance against Halloween and all it stands for.
This is considered to be a high day in the occult world where Christian efforts are targeted. It is important that we pray against what the enemy would like to speak into our lives, families and churches; call upon the Might and Power of the Holy Spirit and cover ourselves continually with the Blood of Jesus Christ. Let as be as diligent in our fight to cancel everything that represents the kingdom of darkness.
2) For P and her family who has lost her husband and companion of over 50 years. For peace, comfort and strength. 3)For C& D who are having to care for their very frail mother to their detriment. It is affecting sibling relationships and causing a lot of anger and frustration as others are not pulling their weight.
4)For Y who is in a nursing home having rehab and is unhappy there. For healing and a positive attitude.
5)The new SEC administration will continue to be Spirit-led and the work that they do will have a profound impact upon the work of the local churches to preach the share the 3 Angels Messages, preach the Gospel, reach the lost and fulfil the Great Commission without apology. That as in the Book of Acts 2:47, the Lord will add to the church daily such as should be saved.
6) T, J, M, J, J, D, S, P, G, G, P, T - God to touch their hearts to get know Jesus, bad and evil ways to be broken.
7) M - to slim, 250 kg to normal. To find job. he got not money. he is anti God.
8) J, C, E, D, Ch, Z - all anti God, strong hatred towards God.
9)Please pray for healing for M's aunt who has suffered a stroke that has cause loss of speech and weakness on the left side

End Time Rain Bible Studies for Children Prayer Requests: