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His going forth is prepared as the morning; and He shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth. (Hosea 6:3)

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O Come Let Us Adore Him (Article)

O Come Let Us Adore Him! The purpose of our adoration is to give glory, honour and thanks to the Lord God Almighty in acknowledgment of His righteous acts having been revealed for His works are great and marvellous, righteous and true (see Revelation 4.8-11; 15.3-4).

The reason for our adoration is because He made all things and everything that was and is in existence is such because God wanted it to be. Adoration is articulated in prayer showing our response to God as our Creator and voicing our appreciation that we are His creation.

It is a prayer originating from a sincere heart filled with love for God and that salutes who is the Lord and His deeds. Through friendship with God His character and nature is made known. In knowing God in such a way experiential knowledge is gained, not only intellectual understanding. Now the pray-er knows what it is to taste and see that the Lord is good (Ps 34.8). The person who respects and reveres the Lord totally loves Him (Deuteronomy 6.5).

Their heart is set in pursuit of knowing Him through spending quality time studying His word. Its desire to obey Him resolute to trust the Lord in every situation and no matter the outcome it is with such a renewed heart, filled with joy, that adoration is given to the beauty of His holiness. There is the danger of giving our adoration to objects or individuals.

This happens when someone or something other than God is established before which we worship whether literally or figuratively. Another danger is the possibility of giving adoration with inappropriate motives. Herod was given the title King of the Jews because of the Jewish population he governed. It was disturbing to him to hear the Magi ask, “Where is the king of the Jews?” at the time of Jesus’ birth. The nature of his request to know where the baby Jesus was born so that he may go

and their heart flows with love towards and worship him bore the sentiments of self-preservation (Matthew 2.1-3). Thus, it is imperative to have a pure heart. King Solomon, in giving praise to God for keeping His promise to David, exclaims his adoration acknowledging the Lord’s attributes of unswerving commitment to His promises and lovingkindness to those who follow Him (1 Kings 8.23-24). Solomon’ prayer was motivated by admiration of the One who made it happen. Those who have a relationship with God know how to adore the Lord in prayer. To talk with God is to show deep love and respect for who He is through expression of words and action which comprises one’s thoughts, emotion and behaviour towards God. It reaches beyond mere exercise of Christian duty and extends further than formality as David says “Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless His holy name.” This is what it takes to truly give glory, honour and thanks to the Lord (Psalm 103.1-2).

Veronica Williams Prayer Ministries Co-ordinator South England Conference

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