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His going forth is prepared as the morning; and He shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth. (Hosea 6:3)

End Time Rain Article

A Lot Of Grace For Lot

“The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9.

There is no boundary or limit that we can put on God's grace. There is no time or conditions we can place on His willingness to save us. To each person sufficient grace is supplied, freely, bountifully and personalised according to our individual needs. Our God is awesome, and He will go to any length to save us. His compassion, His kindness, His goodness bestowed on us all with no conditions. How gracious is our God? The story of Lot and his escape from Sodom is a bittersweet example of what God can and will do for His people who were living then and those who are living now. The city of Sodom was a beautiful place to be. Set in the plains of the Jordan valley, with tropical Oasis of lush vegetation, mountains fertile with harvest and cattle, gardens fragrant with beautiful flowers. It was a centre for art and culture, rich with caravans of exotic produce; homes were luxuriously furnished, and life was easy. Sodom was the place to be and this was where Lot pitched his tent. Beauty has a way of deceiving and the city was no exception. A close up view of the lives of the people who dwelled there, revealed a most sinister and immoral story.

Contempt for God blinded by riches made the city and the surrounding cities of the plain, seething pots for the study and practice of evil. It was not ten righteous people to be found in Sodom, but He is not pedantic about numbers, He is concerned about each and every soul in a personal way. Grace knows no numbers, just individuals who despite their faults are in desperate need of a merciful Saviour. When Lot met the heavenly messengers at the gate of the city and offered his hospitality, he felt that he was protecting them from the evil of the night. Their initial hesitation made him more insistent. Little did Lot know that the same men he assumed he was protecting would be his protectors that night. Lot did not realise at this time the importance of his guests and how much sufficient grace would his for passing the test of hospitality.

Despite stealthily leading his guests to the safety of his home trouble broke outside his door. Lot would have sacrificed his daughters - so caught up was he in the debased strands of immorality. Sufficient grace looked beyond his sinful expressions with the desire of saving him. Pulling Lot inside the house the angels struck the loathsome rabble with blindness. This alerted Lot to the fact that these men were messengers from God. They warned him of the need to leave Sodom that night but blinded by lack of acquaintance with the spiritual - for spiritual things are spiritually discerned; Lot pleaded for more time. Grace looks beyond our inadequacies and seeks to save us. The long-suffering nature of God’sgrace is sufficient to grant us more time so that he can save us. Into the darkness of night Lot visited his children pleading for them to join him. Their hearts so tainted with the influences of pleasure and luxury mocked the God of heaven and failed to heed their father’s pleas to join him and escape the impending doom. Sufficient grace withheld the hand of judgement so that Lot could escape to a nearby city. The edict that should have taken place in the night was delayed until the morning. Today God waits for he has no intention of leaving behind one soul in whom He sees potential. Such is His sufficient grace.

Linda Mukwada SEC Prayer Coordinator.

SEC Daily Prayer line (6-7am) 0330 088 1937, access code: 619764#

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