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His going forth is prepared as the morning; and He shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth. (Hosea 6:3)

Answered Prayers

A list of answered prayers...

Answers to prayers

January 2017
We have a wonderful testimony regarding WS who we prayed for a few months ago and remains on the prayer list. They were terminally ill with renal failure. He has now recovered and returned to work! Hallelujah, Praise God!

Thank you all for praying for my sister H regarding her health. She suffered in silence regarding the issue for over one year! Brothers and sisters not long after we asked for prayers, the Lord God Almighty delivered my sister. God bless you All. C

April 2017
Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ for praying for my daughter's immigration situation. I received her documents hours ago from the Home office and she has been granted Permanent Settlement in the UK. Praise the Lord. Thank you ever so much for your prayers. God bless you. C.

May 2017
At the start of the year I sent a prayer request to End Time Rain for B who had been out of work since Jan 2016. To God be the glory she got a job last week and not just any job a senior role in a big organisation. She saw the Lord's hand in this appointment, He was involved from her first interview to the last. He moved mountains and Goliath's for her to get this job, it was so evident. B would like to thank End Time Rain prayer warriors for all their prayers, may God bless you all and above all Abba father for His grace and mercy she could not have done this without him

Dear intercessors, thank you for praying for S who had a mental health crisis at the latter end of 2016 which led to a hospital admission. Praise God she was discharged last month. The family have requested that you continue to pray for stability. Thanks

I know that all the prayers were appreciated very much. Unfortunately the sister passed away after battling with cancer for several years. She had accepted the Lord, the health message and the Sabbath, all praise to God. Since her death her parents want to support the health message for others who are sick and want to heal naturally. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

My friend A who was critically ill in Intensive Care with clots on her lungs and a shadow on her kidneys has been sent home - she is receiving daily care and is on a ventilator but progressing well. Please continue to pray for her as she heals.

Good morning Thank you for all your prayers my brother in law E is much much better. He hasn't had a temperature in 24 hours, he is responding to meds, no more pain and he can now eat and talk. May the Lord be glorified for His gracious and merciful. Thank you so much for standing with us in pray. God bless you all

October 2017
In October 2016 we were informed by our children's school that the October half term in 2017 might be 2 weeks instead of the usual 1 week. We were not happy about this because this meant we each had to take a week off to look after the kids. To cut the long story short we found out this summer that we had to move house, we had been saving up to buy a place and had hoped to have saved enough by spring or summer 2018. I was a bit anxious because this would set back our dream of owning our own place, plus the ideal rentals on the market were more expensive than our current house. This meant dipping into our savings to pay for a deposit, the different checks plus not being able to save as much after this. Then the stress of finding a new place and moving, there was nothing exciting about the move at the time. I started praying about it and asked End Time Rain prayer partners and the prayer team at church to pray for us. The kids were ok with the move but asked that we get a house with a garden and within walking distance of their school, they did not want to change schools. But as we prayed about it, I often heard a voice saying count your blessing. I thought of all blessings the Lord had bestowed upon us and stopped focusing on my mountain and started focusing on our provider and best friend. We prayed for all the above and a house that is close to church. I must confess our prayers never involved the size of our kitchen and like our youngest said when we went to view it again after signing the contract it's the smallest kitchen he has ever seen. Its far smaller than all the kitchens he is used to. Our God is faithful and answers prayers not only did we get the above but we also got a place that ticked all the boxes and more, on our third viewing. We never stressed about running out of time to find a place.We also got a reduction on our rent. Soon after that my husband got an unexpected pay rise at work that did not apply to his colleagues. Our moving period also happened to be over the 2 week half term that we had previously dreaded, giving us more than enough time to settle in. My brothers and sisters we should pray without ceasing and tell God exactly what we want. Our Lord is faithful and works in mysterious ways. He knows the plans he has for us and his timing is perfect. He fulfilled His promise in Isaiah 41:10. Thank you all for all your prayers. We serve an Awesome God, let us continue to trust Him for He will never leave us nor forsake us. God bless L

My testimony: From July 2016 I found myself in the extremely difficult housing-financial situation. I couldn't afford to pay my rent and other bills and I was in a danger of losing the place to live. I decided to plead with the Lord in prayer and I asked my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for me and my situation. This difficult situation carried on for 10 months but the Lord was providing every month money for the rent in different miraculous ways. After 10 months when I was on the edge of strength and patience He resolved the whole situation in His way and in his time and in literally one day! First I got the offer for the job and on the same day my dear friend in Christ offered me her brand new apartment to take, without the deposit , with a big discount and for extremely good price! I am there 6 months already and finally can called this beatiful place : HOME. I want to thank you for all the prayers and support. I want to thank God for his love and provision. Praise the Lord! A

God is faithful. I am a witness! God answers our prayers and His promises are sure. Sis this last weekend I really have been really amazed at how God orchestrates things for us. It's a testimony I cant wait to tell. Too long to type. Long story short, I came back home yesterday, my husband picked me up from a friend's house where I had stayed for 2 night's- Friday and Saturday. I was asking God where do I go next and what do I do? I was desperate my sister. And then my husband asked me to come home saying he had had no peace for the past 2 weeks so he would rather I come home so he can have some peace!!. God had already prepared a way for me!! Oh how I love Him. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement. To God be the glory.

For a long time my sister's in Christ and I have Been praying for my extended family. Early this year, I sent to ETR a list of initials of those that I would like God to touch in a special way including my younger brother M. Well, it's a joy to inform you all that God has been tirelessly working in M's life and on Sabbath the 14th of October 2017, he got BAPTISED. We thank God that the LORD'S hand is not shortened That it cannot save; neither His ear heavy That it cannot hear.( Isaiah 59:1) Thank you all for your prayers and God's richest blessings upon you all. Sis C.

November 2017
S and his wife want to thank you for your prayers for him. He is the person who had been out of work for over 2 years. His wife is SDA and he was an atheist. Well he wanted a job by 1st November. He now has a job and starts on 1st December! He is attending bible studies and can no longer say there is No God! Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah! When we started praying for him he had so many interviews he knew it was God! Keep praying for him that God will use him mightily to convince other atheists to return to the truth. Thank you intercessors. Prayers are Powerful! God is Awesome!Thanks & Blessings

January- December 2016

January 2016
Thank you all for lifting up C in prayers. The Lord intervened mightily, praise God. She stayed up all night praying. She obtained Divine favour from God, thus tomorrow things will be back on track for her, her daughter and Organisation involved. Thank you all for fervent prayers, God is faithful and merciful, he indeed is mighty.

1) Baby T is out of machines and can now be fed without the tubes. However, he is still in the hospital for more observations but we thank God there are a lot of improvements.

2) Sis R who had severe burns after falling into hot water is also improving, she can now talk and feel pain, meaning her nervous system is alive. she wasn't feeling pain initially. That's a big progress, praise God. Her skin has started growing around the burnt area. We thank God for the healing process and still trusting for complete healing. He who has started a good thing in R and T will bring it to completion. Please continue to pray, thank you.
19.1.16 Dear friends,last year 2015 i asked for prayers concerning my off days which were sunday and monday yet iam adventist.I have been with this company for three years now praying and talking to my friends to have saturdays off.Finally our faithful God has answered my prayers and this coming weekend i will off duty hence i will able to worship and keep the sabbath holy.It took three years for this miracle to happen Glory and praise be to God.Iam now permately off duty on friday and saturday.Thanks all for your prayers.God is good all the time.Amen.B

February 2016
4.2.16 Dear intercessors, last month I asked for prayers for my aunt who was seriously ill in hospital with fluid on her lungs, breathing and heart problems. She was transferred for a short while to a specialist hospital and from there Praise God she has been discharged home! Thank you for all your prayers. She was aware that many people were praying for her and it really lifted her spirits. KP

11.2.16 Very many thanks to all who prayed for G. He was actually in Police Cells not in Jail. Nevertheless he was released by police this morning and that there is no case - Praise Almighty God. He is no longer a suspect of theft.. What a mighty God we serve, when the prayers go up, God moves. Thank you Lord.

12.2.16 May I joyfully take this chance to Praise God and give all the Glory. 1. My brother S is healed and well from the stomach ache that has been troubling him for so long. Halleluah! Thank you all my dear intercessors, our prayers are always answered as per God's will. Press on forward with prayers without ceasing. 2. We are reaching the climax of our children week of prayers as per our program. We as teachers have been moving from door to door and family to family reading the word of our Almighty Father, singing praises and praying together with every family. We believe that God is going to work His mighty ways. Pray for the kids and their families that God will answer the requests we had been praying for every child and the families. May God bless you as you intercede for everyone and may God give us the strength in the power of the Holy Spirit, cleanse us in the blood of Jesus Christ.K.

13.2.16 Thank you for keeping me in thought and prayer. Praise God mum is improving. There are a number of care packages now involved to support mum and we all are being kept busy with her care. We thank God for answered prayer and for the support of your prayer network. Please share our praise report of mum's improvement. Agape- S

April 2016
Thank you all for prayers on behalf of my Nephew G and his wife M. Bleeding completely stopped and she is much better praise God. Her Husband G is much better too. God bless you all.

9.4.16 God has been good to me in so many ways. My parents are non Adventist and so they really don't understand anything about the Sabbath. They don't like the fact that I joined the church .There was a time when they organized extra tuition's for me on Saturdays. It was hard to accept that .I prayed with a sister in Christ about it and other intercessors prayed as well. By the time dad needed to pay my tuition fee, God delivered me because he changed his mind. Praise the Lord. Worshipping without my parents is really hard sometimes I feel like not going to church because I feel lonely ,especially on special Sabbath day's like pathfinder day, induction or investiture ,but again I tell myself that I go to church to worship God and not to please people. I just had to accept that my family will never come to church and live with it. My mentor never stopped encouraging me to pray, we prayed together and others prayed too. Brethren there is power in prayer and waiting upon the Lord. Last Sabbath while I was ushering the Sabbath my mom joined me ,my heart was filled with joy,then she decided to come along with me to church, praise the Lord. When I was about to give up God delivered me. My mom went to church with me praise God and she was touched by the sermon and gave pledge for the building. I am more than happy to see that finally I'm getting support from my family, and praying that it's the beginning of great and mighty things .There is power in praying. Thank you all for standing in the gap for me and with me. Sis L.

End Time Rain- Golden Chariots Bible Studies for Children Report - 14.4.16
Praise and Glory unto our Loving and Mighty Father in heaven.May I take this precious chance to glorify God our Lord and provider. We rejoice in the Lord for the wonderful things He is doing in our daily life. Since we wrote the requests for the providence of BIBLES, SONG BOOKS AND SPIRITUAL LEARNING RESOURCES. God Has and is working miracles. 1.As at now we have 45 kids with 20 songbooks and have started a small library with learning material and also we now do not miss the quarterly sabbath school study guides for the children. 2. The ministry is growing tremendously, new kids and even those who their parent had refused them to join the group now start coming. 3. We have also opened a new centre at VIPINGO IN KILIFI COUNTY. We started with 30 kids-Glory to God. Br KR

25.4.16 We say thank you and praise to our Father the mighty YAHWEH. We just completed the VBS CAMP which had been planned to take place from 23-30 April but due to unavoidable circumstances we were forced to reschedule back and start from 17-24 April. We are grateful for God's plan and time is always the best time (Jer 29:11). We had a great week. There were 75 children, 5 teachers, 4 surbordinates(for catering) and the host Pastor of the area (Lunga lunga district of the SDA). I will forward the fully detailed report soon after compilation. Glory, praise and thanks unto our heavenly Father. Thanks and God bless you. Yours in the Lord's service. Bro KR.

25.4.16 Just wanted to register my sincere appreciation for the prayer support and intercessory ministry you gave to our Women of Virtue Singleís event yesterday. We praise God for the success of the event and the many lives that were touch. He has truly heard and answered the prayers that were going out for this event. Thank you for covering the conference via your prayer networks and regular post to End Time Rain. Today I had the opportunity to read through the evaluations and answered a number of email about the Singleís Conference. Although the evaluations were extremely positive, they also highlighted the great needs our women have voiced. Hence, as I anticipated, our work has just begun. Today I was able to commence feedback from yesterday and speak with individuals about the scope of the Singleís ministry that is needed and will be working with our Women Ministries Conference Directors and Mission Sponsors about how we can address these needs together. Praying for Godís guidance as we seek to reach out to the needs of our women in a way that is relevant to them and helps to foster the restoration and healing that God would have them experience. Thank you so much for the part you played in helping to make this event a success. May Godís favour continue to be evident in each of your lives, work and ministry. Agape Sharon Platt-McDonald

May 2016
11.5.16 - "Sometimes you think you know the only option you are left with is to quit. I was Totally lost, had no direction, suffered in the hands of man, No one to turn to, No one to share with and felt alone on this earth. With all the weakness, I kept hearing a voice urging me on. I was your ordinary type of Christian. Said prayers. But I lacked belief. I did not know peace. I did not understand this voice. But isn't our God an awesome God? He was showing me direction without me realising. He was telling me I had a purpose, in his own way. I started a new journey in September 2015. A journey I wasn't aware I was embarking on. I got In touch with my sister in Christ through Facebook and exchanged numbers. She had been close to me since childhood and we shared childhood dreams back then, nothing more. She lives many miles away from me, I'm in Africa. Was impressed to talk to someone. God directed me to her for some reason. We hadn't been in touch for years. Why her? I thought! I left many people just to call her. I called her to say hello and catch up. Our telephone conversation was a Devine appointment from God, because she realised, that something wasn't right with me. We hadn't talked about spiritual journey but I found myself tell her I needed my life to change, to give my life to Jesus Christ. I shared what I had been through. God is a God of surprises!!! There and then, she "held" my hand. We prayed together. Remember, we weren't physically together and still not. That night I started realising peace was beckoning. I could be spiritually rich. I had no one to pray with back at home. No one had encouraged me to pray. We then embarked on a weekly prayer journey and bible studies for a while. A journey that today has led to inner salvation within me. We prayed with our children sometimes. We never got tired of praying and God is Great...He showed me the right path I needed to take. He led me to Salvation. He brought the right people into my life. He joined me to a spiritual family. I am overjoyed to say that my faith in God has increased. No earthly things can deter me from this new journey. My weapon is prayer, the word of God and the HolySpirit. I have a "new" family and waiting for my baptism. I don't want to think of where I would be without Christ in my life. He is my Saviour. Awesome God. I place everything into His able hands.C.

27.5.16 Thank you intercessors for praying the lost 12 year old boy has been found.

Thank you for your prayers intercessors, Sis A who was in a detention centre and has now been released.

June 2016
29.6.16 - I had a mountain to climb Ė an urgent financial need in order to pay fee for application for Settlement in the UK - needed to raise a lump sum of money before 24th June 2016. I have not been in paid employment for over a year thus didnít have funds required. Towards the end of March 2016, I decided to send a prayer request to End Time Rain, Womenís Prayer powerhouse, WhatsApp group and to my sisters in Christ. Prayers always ascended on my behalf, we prayed and fasted too. Time was ticking, and was thinking to myself, ďwhere would I get all this money in less than three months?Ē I decided to ask the bank for a loan and the adviser issued a telephone appointment saying that they would let me know over the telephone wether I qualify for a loan or not. A number of days before my telephone appointment with the bank, I received a text from A dear sister in Christ offering to donate £250 towards the fee, I was happy, thanked her and thanked God but in my mind was still thinking about how much loan to ask for when I receive the call from the bank Ė my mind was not at peace at all about borrowing money from the bank due to interest rates plus how I would pay it back considering I am not in paid employment. Nevertheless I prayed asking for Gods will to be done. On the day my telephone appointment with the bank was due, I did NOT receive a call from the bank at allÖI didnít attempt to call or go to the bank for further inquiries, I knew it was NOT Godís will and left it at that. Was relieved even though didnít have all funds I needed at the time. There after, one evening, a sister in Christ and I were having a text dialogue about the funds issue and mentioned to her that God had already provided £250 through another sister, little did I know that the dialogue we had was going to lead to a group being formed on WhatsApp up in order for individuals to donate any sum of money towards my settlement application fee. I was caught by surprise, I was in tears, the group leader worked hard asking for donations whilst updating the group about donations collected so far, I felt the love of God in action, I then felt impressed to inform my friends as well as other brothers and sisters in Christ about the matter, A few of them joined the group and the rest didnít join our group but still made donations and another friend also offered to help. Donations were coming in steadily, however, there was still more funds to collect. Prayers and fasting did not stop. I then decided to ask my church pastor to pray for me. He suggested that I meet with him and two church elders for prayers. Informed them about my request, they all prayed for me and I left the pastorís office. That same week, the lord put on my heart to look through the home office website, only to find out that the fee had been increased from £1750 to £1875! I panicked, little did I know that the lord had prepared my pastorís heart, the two Elders and the church board to donate a sum of money, which they did hence donations rising to £1450, praise the lord. At this time, was left with £425 to raise. Saints of God, whilst donations were still being made steadily, prayer and fasting for my settlement application fee never ceased. Meanwhile, God performed a miracle, I received a letter and a certificate granting me legal aid of £5000 for my ongoing family matter that is currently being addressed through the court, was in tears, tears of Joy, praise the lord. Friends, God didnít stop there, more donations were coming in towards my Settlement application fee, and in the mean time, God performed another miracle. I bumped into a sister in Christ whom I met once before, I could remember her but she could not remember me at first. We continued speaking, she then remembered me, this sister asked lots of questions including why I am not working. I gave her my explanations, there after, she asked me to write her an email regarding my employment matter and I did. Also found out that she and her associates run a charity organization that helps families, children, mothers etc. Friends, this sister paid £116 towards my Dental registration, she also offered to pay for my DBS, and the Job Centre also contributed £116 towards my Dental registration because the job Centre had offered to help before this sister in Christ did. It is only when we were in the process of making the payment that I realized why God allowed me to bump into this sister in Christ, God knew that the General Dental Council would ask me to pay a total of £232 for my work registration even though the fee for a yearís registration is £116! This is due to the fact that this yearís dental registration comes to an end at the end of July there after the new/next dental year starts at the beginning of August, hence dental professionals being asked to pay for next dental year during this period. Saints, isnít it a blessing to Obey Almighty God? I could have ignored the Holy Spiritís prompting and walked past the lady, but I didnít, I reached out to her and said hello, and this led to Godís blessing upon my work situation Praise the Lord and can happily testify that I am now on a job hunt as a registered dental nurse. As you can see, the lord was performing other miracles in the midst of donations taking place towards my application fee for settlement and in the end, not only did the lord provide the rest of the money for my settlement application fee through my sisters in Christ and friends giving me a total of £1875, the lord also placed in the heart of a brother in Christ to pay my rent which he did, he paid a monthís rent, praise God. Almighty God Also provided money to pay for my Life in UK Test (A test done as a part of obtaining settlement) which I Sat and passed praise the Lord. A sister in Christ who had made a pledge of £100 donation towards my settlement fee, was late in giving the money because God had already provided the whole amount, but she still gave the money that she had pledged and I have used it towards other things, God be praised. Brothers and sisters, what a mighty God we serve, how excellent is Godís name in all the earth, God saw my tears, he saw our afflictions through fasting, he heard our prayers and answered exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond what we could ever ask or think according to the power that worketh in us. I pray you are encouraged to pray on, to fast, and never give up on God, He surely is Able. My sincere gratitude to all who prayed, fasted with me, and to all who gave donations, you have been the answer to my prayer. God bless you beyond measure. Thank you Lord. Sis C.

August 2016
7.8.16-Good evening Intercessors, God is truly good and today He proved that He is in still in control; hallelujah . We concluded out campaign at Chiswick earlier this evening and oh boy what a beautiful and wonderful day it was. it ended with such a spiritual blessing, with 5 beautiful souls surrendering theirs lives to Jesus in baptism. It was such a joy to be part of this beautify experience and to see our prayers being answered and our efforts being rewarded by Almighty God. Thank you for your prayers, please continue to pray for our newly baptised members as the learn first to creep, walk, run in their new found faith. God bless and long may your ministry continue. To God be the glory. God bless. D

September 2016
My name is Aleksandra and I have been a Seventh Day Adventist since 2013. The Lord has performed another big miracle in my life that I canít help but share so that you all are encouraged. Before I moved to London, I prayed to God ďMy Lord, you know that I have an artistic soul and you know that I can only have one boss and that boss is You, therefore if it is possible, grant me my own Graphic Design Company in order to work for your church and your people. Please take charge of all undertakings pertaining to the company and I will put your name on it. ď Immediately, the Company Logo crossed my mind Ė I received my miracle, Praise the Lord. The Lord gave me my own design Company called G.A Art studio (Jesus Aleksandra Art Studio), praise the Lord. After four months residence in London, I registered my Company and since then, I have been doing graphic design work for Seventh Day Adventist Ministries, Churches and for South England Conference. The last few months have been a real struggle financially. I have had good Samaritans bless me with money here and there to keep me going and I thank God. The struggles I have had, led me to start looking for any kind of work and to pray for financial breakthrough for rent sustenance. However, The Lord showed me at the eleventh hour, at the verge of my rentís due date that I need to continue working for him using Graphic Design by providing me with money to do some work around graphic design hence being able to pay my rent on time, praise the Lord, praise the Lord God Almighty. If God is for us, surely who can be against us? I thank God for his Love for me, for all those who took time to pray with me and for me regarding work and rent breakthrough. I also thank the Lord for all those whom he used to bless me with money to meet my needs. Thank you Lord.

Brothers and sisters, I would like to ask for your prayers and support for this God given Ministry. I would like my Company to excel. Thus would you kindly help me in promoting it by sharing with your contacts? If you need a banner, logo, flyer etc. for your ministry, church, or for your personal purpose, I am available.

Please find link below for more information of work already done. http://issuu.com/aleksandraz/docs/g.a Email is: info@aleksandraz.com Thank you and May God bless you all.

November 2016
Dear brothers and sister in Christ Jesus, I would like to thank you for your prayers towards my rent situation. By Gods grace it has been paid but my financial situation is not stable yet. Please continue to pray that God can give me a financial breakthrough and stability with permanent ongoing work . I love to serve our Lord Jesus and I believe in a power of prayer. Thank you so much for your love and support, God bless you richly A

December 2016
Thank you all for praying for my application for settlement in the Uk. Our Heavenly Father in his mercies granted me Permanent Settlement in the Uk. Thanks again to those who gave donations for my application, your donations didn't go to waste, praise God. Waited five months for my documents to be returned and it has been worth the wait. What a loving, miraculous God we serve, praise His Holy name. Thank you Lord With Love Sis C

Answers to prayers

January 2015
The family of a young person who was be detained under the Mental Health Act for up to 28 days, would like to thank you for your prayers. They were released within one week.

The parents of Christopher a young disabled boy who has had surgery recently have expressed their thanks for your prayers. They have also received additional support from carers that will help his parents tremendously.

L asked to pass on thanks to ETR intercessors for praying for her husband who had suspected cancer and has received the all clear.

CN who asked for prayers for prayers for B her husband and 4 children, who were homeless on arrival in the UK and in need of somewhere to live would like to thank ETR for their prayers. They were given temporary accommodation which will lead to permanent housing in less than a week.
February 2015
Praise God the feedback from the family of Bro C in St Lucia: the cancerous tumour in his stomach is shrinking after almost 3 months. He is doing well. The family are shocked that he is still alive and alert.
The family with 4 children who needed urgent housing who were prayed for recently have been given a house. Although it is a distance from the children's school, we know God will work things out.
L's daughter has a long-prayed job and thanks everyone for their prayers.

Thanks End Time Rain for your prayers for my son, his temporary job is now permanent and he is making good progress towards going to university.

A passes on thanks to everyone who has been praying for her and her family. She has now returned to church and playing the organ and has new joy in her life. Her husband has also sought treatment for his alcoholism and has stopped drinking.
March 2015
Dear Intercessors, What a mighty, faithful God we serve. Since late last year, we have been praying for my daughter R regarding different issues including change of Character. There's been bad reports about her at School, church and at home. Due to R's behaviour, her class teacher decided to move her so as she sits on her own in class, a class that pupils sit in groups. You can imagine how humiliating and lonely this has been for her, but in the long run, it's been a blessing in disguise, hence improved in academics and behaviour, and was Awarded a Certificate for improved behaviour and learning. What a mighty God we serve. Thank you all for prayers.

K extends thanks to ETR intercessors for praying for their aunt who was critically ill at the end of January and has now been discharged home with a care package.

April 2015
Praise report from TJ: I pray you are all well and by the grace of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ you are holding on because you will reap if you faint not. We have come too far to give up now and our enemy the evil one is stepping up his tactics but we have the Father, the Son and our Holy Spirit and we need to get militant in prayer by ensuring we put on the whole armour and not go out undressed. Just to say a big thank you to all of you who prayed and fasted for Fulham's global youth day on Sabbath morning 21st March. To God be all the glory. The people who came were very grateful and we were able to minister to an ex-SDA. This was our first and I am saying hallelujah to our God for what He has done through the power of our Holy Spirit. I pray for a sevenfold blessings upon each of you and I want to motive you with the word of God which is able to give you life and hope during this last days. The prophet Isaiah declared in 58:11; 'The LORD will continually lead you; he will feed you even in parched regions. He will give you renewed strength, and you will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring that continually produces water.' This is my prayer for each of us as we intercede on behalf of others because we often forget ourselves. Once again, thank you so very much as you continue to be a mighty Child of God. Stay faithful, obedient and blessed.

G's praise report:last year I requested prayer on my sister's behalf regarding baptism and am happy to report that she got baptized last Saturday. It was a wonderful moment for me and especially my mom. I would just like to continue thanking God and everyone else who teams up to pray on behalf of the prayer requests sent through ETR. God is good! It has been a little over a year and during this time both my mom and sister have been baptized. God truly is able. Thank you for all of your prayers. May God continue to keep and bless us all.

Dear Prayer Intercessors, Praise be to God for His great love and mercy for each of us. On behalf of our Women of Virtue National Board members we would like to give thanks to God for answered prayers and the breakthrough we experienced in the planning and implantation of our event on Sunday 22nd March. We are grateful to the ETR prayer team for their prayers on our behalf and want to ask them to join with us in acknowledging Godís goodness as we express gratitude for His blessings on the programme. We would like to share this scripture with the team as part of our thanksgiving: Hebrews 11:6 ďBut without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek himĒ. God has greatly rewarded our prayer efforts as we prayed in faith that the programme would be a blessing to all who attended and that the lives of each attendee would be positively impacted as a result. This was evident in the evaluation forms through the wonderful reviews we received and the encouraging comments from the women and men who attended. Thank you once again for interceding with God on our behalf and we ask for your continued prayer support as the programme develops and as God leads us onwards. Blessings to the team.
Sharon Platt-McDonald Director for Health, Women Ministries & Disability Awareness

Hello everyone, I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for all of your encouragement and support. These are trying times and when God moves he moves in a miraculous and mighty, way too wonderful for words. May God be praised. There is none like him! Blessings,

From CA
Trusting God is never easy. I am a single mum and my son was removed from my care by Social Services (SS). For a whole year I was fighting to do all I could do to prove to SS that I could be a good mum, but despite all my efforts prayers fasting, my son was given to his father who wanted nothing to do with him since birth, except get his immigration status through him.
During this whole process I heard the Lord speaking to me telling me that my son will be returned to me but God did not answer my prayer. I was angry with God for 6 months and I struggled to trust God. To make matters worse SS stopped me seeing my son for 12 months and I knew it was wrong.
Even though I struggled to trust God, I wanted to take the matter back to.court so I can see my son. I had no money for a solicitor and I was against a system. I took the painful step to trust God again because I had no other to help me. I prayed truthfully and honestly scared that God will disappoint me again in court.
To my amazement when I decided to stop being bitter towards God, trust him and not have the wrong expectations of him, he was in every court hearing and answered all my prayer requests in ways I was not expecting. He dealt with SS and exposed all their evil plans without even me speaking or preparing a statement for the court case. The Lord kept on telling me that I should be still and know that he is God. Also that he shall fight for me and I shall hold my peace.
I found it difficult to be still and let God fight on my behalf because all I could see was things getting worse and since God seemed in my eyes to be doing nothing I realised my own efforts and prayers were not moving heaven. So I called upon my prayer warriors at Powerhouse and End Time Rain to intensify there prayers against the forces of darkness.
I really believed if there was going to be any breakthrough in my situation there needed to be more prayer to bring down the walls of Jericho in this situation. Low and behold the prayer of two or more combined with faith and fasting turned the tide of evil, destroyed the enemies plans and released such an anointing. Not only were my enemies disappointed, but the plan the SS had to turn my son against me did not prosper because when the Lord open the door to let me see him after 18 months, his.heart was turned towards me.
Do not underestimate the power of intercessory prayer. It moves situations where one personís prayer cannot avail. I am still in the court process and the Lord again through the power of prayer, has opened up another door for me to see my son. I'm still trusting praising and praying for the Lord to return my son to me.

May 2015
J would like to thank you to all who prayed for my friend B's medical procedure. It went well and I saw her on the weekend, getting back into service for our Lord!
June 2015
J has expressed thanks for the many prayers said on behalf of her son S whose eyes were damaged by an attack from a dog. In March her son could only see up to a distance of 10 cms, then last August, her son could see up to 20cms, there after, she met us late last year and after our prayers, she went to see her physician and her sons eye sight shot up to 50cms, praise God.
EM my request is that continue praying for me it seems that God has finally had my prayer about work. I requested prayers earlier this month as I have been jobless for 6 months and was contacted today by an employer who wants to hire me. Dont tire praying for me.
July 2015
Wow it is a great moment that we need to glorify God's name for His unending love and care to all His children, i use this opportunity to let you know that Eld R M who had been admitted with an intensive headache is back to work now, God answered our prayers n we pray that may His blessings be with all prayer worriors as He continues 2 bless Eld R and his family for a full deliverance both physical and spiritual in Jesus's name.
August 2015
Pastor A in East Kenya thanks prayer warriors for praying for their evangelism programme that has ministered to over 100 children (many street children) during the campaign and in their schools.
Thanks be to God for his healing hands upon Bro C in the caribbean who had an end stage tumour and was told he has months to live. He is still alive, the tumour is shrinking, he is healthy and happy and people are amazed by this miracle.
Sis LF thanks God for providing her daughters with a new home that although is in another part of London, shares the same half of the post code as their parents.
September 2015
Bro KR is thanking God for his answers to prayers for the children's evangelism in East Kenya. Donations have enabled a number of bibles, song books and children's books to be purchased. He is giving thanks for more donations that will enable the 65 children/families to be ministered to.

Praises and thanks go up to God for the healing of E in Barbados from her stroke.

10:35 29/09/2015 From K.R peace be unto you dear intercessor. To God be glory and Mighty powers ever and ever. I would like to give thamks to the great worls of our Lord God. I forwarded prayer requests and i truly testify here that WE HAVE A FATHER WHO WILL NEVER EVER FAIL US. We asked the Lord for a successful CHILDREN CAMP MEETING, it was wonderful we did not have funds to feed the camping children but the moment we started God provided from day one to the last. Praise unto God. And also we didnt expect to have the massive attendance. Glory to God. After the camp wherever we made visitations all was but shouts of the camp song everywhere. Praise God. From the camp meeting families were touch and they are seeking to join the church of the True God. Again we say thank you Lord for His providence on Bibles, Songbooks and teaching resources we received, we now have 20 bibles and 20 songbooks out of the 65 children we have. We say Glory Glory and Praise to God the Almighty for ever and ever.

October 2015
Thank you for praying for C and her daughter R via ETR Facebook. She has now found a suitable home for her and her daughter which is near her daughter's school and near a church. She has also reconnected with her old school friend who is now doing bible study with her as requested in prayer she is drawing closer to God. She has plans to attend the church nearby also.
The Lord's name be praised! My daughter A has come through her surgery successfully and has made such a remarkable recovery that she will be discharged home after only three days post- operatively. God is good! ! All the time!

November 2015
Bro C from St Lucia has sent a video of himself and family singing praises to God for his miracle of healing to all the faithful prayer warriors who prayed for him over the past year. He only had a few months to live with an inoperable cancer of the stomach and over the past few months God has proved himself. The video of him singing is testimony of the power of fervent prayer.

December 2015
Brother BMN says "Good friends, I posted last time to request for prayers over my off days at work. May I update you that God is good and thank you everyone for interceding for me. Today we had a fruitful discussion about the same. Finally, my colleague has agreed to give me Friday and Saturday as my days off since I'm a sabbath keeper. This change will be effective first week of Jan 2016. Kindly pray for me once more so that he will keep his word. Thank you friends and thank you dear God for this Marvellous miracles you daily perform, we are happy to receive them. Take heed pilgrims, God is love, God bless."

LRT who asked for prayers a few days ago says she is much better now - Praise Almighty God. She has also thanked you all for your prayers and support.God bless.

Praise God ETR and Powerhouse Prayer group. I greet you all in Gods name.today is my happiest day.this God of 11th hour has visited me when I least expected it.I got to know this group through my sister and friend who I knew way back in primary and secondary school. I spoke to her yesterday told her what I have been going through.she shared inspirational words,prayers, bible verses and encouraged me.later on she told me she will see what she can do before Christmas but meanwhile she shared my prayer request onto the group.I kept trusting and praising God.before I know it I received a text with details for western union. In the text, my friend also mentioned that a number of sisters from the powerhouse prayer group made the collection. am so touched I can't hold my joy. My children were jumping up and down when I shared the good news. I had nothing for Christmas didn't even know what me and kids will feed on. But now, I have something for Christmas and many, many weeks ahead! God is faithful. He has blessed us exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond what we could ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. My kids and I have been praising God. Am so so so humbled my sisters and family may God bless you keep the fire burning in Christ.Your sister in Christ V.B

I would like to share my testimony and pray that it will encourage those in similar situation. Just before GC my work contract came to an end. My wife and I decided to go to GC for the first time. It was heaven on earth. Anyway! Since then I have been out of work (6 months). I have had numerous interviews with some bad experiences. I continued to pray and trust God being very specific about job role and salary. In November I applied for two positions with the same company. One in my field position and salary I prayed for. The other not my main field higher position and £4000 more than I prayed for. The first interview was by phone did not get it as they felt I did not have the experience although it was my field with 7 years senior management experience. The second called me straight in for an interview. I got this job told by the panel it was the edit interview they had for the year. I prayed for what I wanted. But God had something better for me something I would not have considered. His ways are not our ways; his thoughts not our thoughts. For those who are unemployed, don't give up, because God has not given up on you, he's about to deliver more than you can imagine. Stay blessed. Br LD


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