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His going forth is prepared as the morning; and He shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth. (Hosea 6:3)

End Time Rain - About Us

A Shared Space for Prayer...

A Prayer Coordinator Network

The idea for a Prayer Co-ordinator Network was first shared at the UK South England Conference (SEC) Adventists Prayer Retreat in July 2012, resulting in a Prayer Co-ordinators email distribution list being established in August 2012. The list has since come into its own and has been used regularly to promote events, rally Co-ordinators to pray for local, national and international issues; share praise reports and words of encouragement. The growing use of the Network has highlighted the importance of a vision for greater co-ordination of prayer and intercession activities across the SEC, of which this website will form an important part.
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End Time RAIN (Revival And Intercession Network) aims to build on the strong leadership of prayer and intercession to establish a central point of co-ordination, engagement and information exchange for Prayer Co-ordinators and Intercessors across the SEC. This Network will maximise the benefits of corporate intercession: bringing together the wealth of experience, talent and expertise in prayer; directing it towards important local, national and international issues that need dedicated and sustained seasons of prayer. Most importantly, by forming an organised army of intercessors, this Network can play an integral role in the work of revival and reformation for the Adventist Movement in the closing stages of earth’s history.


  1. Understanding God’s mind and praying for the fulfilment of His will for the nation.
  2. Raising the profile of prayer and intercession within the SEC.
  3. Increased prayer and organised prayer events; revival in communities, families and churches.
  4. Establishing powerful, united “Houses of Prayer”.
  5. A more focused strategic approach for prayer and intercession: improving communication and co-ordination of intercession activities.
  6. Shared prayer burdens/corporate prayer list and more miraculous answers to prayer.
  7. Capturing and sharing praise reports to provide encouragement to others.
  8. Shared resources on prayer.
  9. Improved opportunities for mentoring, coaching and teaching on prayer.
  10. Opportunities to make regional, national and international links with other Adventist Prayer Networks.